Write it down

June 8, 2018

Have you changed your password for something lately? Did you have trouble? You can absolutely cut down on the pain and suffering if you make a note of these tips.


No Password

When you change your password for something somewhere, you must change it everywhere.

A world where you can unlock your car by pressing a button but where you need a password to fire up your computer is annoying.

I often help people who changed their email password on their computer and then could not get email on their phones or tablets.

Here’s the thing: You’re not changing the password on your computer.

You’re using your computer to change the password that’s kept in a secure area on your provider’s server.

You use that same user name/email address and password to access your email from every device. Once you change it online, change the settings for your email apps on your phones and tablets, and if you’re using an email program on your computer, change it there. If you don’t do that, you’re not going to get your email there.

This is true for any password you use to sign in to anything online. Do you have an Apple ID? Did you reset your password from your iPad? If you did, you need to change that password on your iPhone, too. And on iTunes on your computer.


And please update the records you keep of your password information.

None of us can keep all this in our heads. Write down your user name and password. Write down what it’s for!

I don’t have to count sheep at night. Instead I replay in my head the image of people picking up scraps of paper and post-it notes, and people paging through notebooks filled with passwords…and no mention of what those passwords are for, or of the user name that accompanies them.

Try this:


WHAT IS IT?              USER NAME/EMAIL                PASSWORD                       NOTES

Shaw email                      mia.culpa@shaw.ca                         $0rryN0tS0rry                      changed May 2011

Microsoft ID                    Audrey.Farber@outlook.com        Te$ting123                             Sign in to computer
                                                                                                                                                          Sign in to Office365

AppleID                            mia.culpa@shaw.ca                        1bAdAAPL                               iTunes, iPad, iPhone

You get the idea.


To recover your passwords, your account information must be up-to-date

You can reset your forgotten passwords in online services. Why write down your passwords if you can just reset them?

Can’t remember your AppleID password? Your Gmail/Google password? Your Microsoft password? You can always click on that link that says reset password.

And maybe that will work. Microsoft of Google or Apple will send you another link to click on or a code to type in and you can recover your account and change your password, right?

Right. That will work IF:

  1. You provided another email address, or
  2. You provided a phone number, and
  3. You have access to it.

If you provided a telephone number that’s not current, or you used to be with Shaw and now you’re with Telus and you don’t have access to your old email, you’re out of luck.

Keep your account information current! Keep a record of your login/password information! And don’t forget to update EVERY device that uses a password that you change.


We’re almost there

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