Where’s my stuff?

As we stagger into the holiday season, we need to know the status of our online orders. I’ve got you covered. Also, more help for troubleshooting your connection problems.


Track your stuff

If you buy things online and you have to leave your home from time to time, it’s good to know when to expect your stuff to be delivered. Yes, you can look for each and every tracking number one by one on different carriers’ websites. That can be tedious, especially this time of year.

PackagetrackrI like a site called Packagetrackr for this. Their tagline is “We know where your stuff is” and they do. Enter a tracking number on the site and Packagetrackr will almost always find the correct carrier, pull the information and display it for you. (You still have the option to look at the carrier’s tracking page from within Packagetrackr.)

If you create an account with Packagetrackr, it will keep track of all the shipments, incoming AND outgoing, you tell it to watch for you. You only need to go to one site to see the status of everything no matter what carrier has your packages.

It’s simple to configure your account settings to notify you by email when a package is delivered. You don’t even have to visit the website to find out if your mom got her package from you. And — this is the best — when you order something and receive the email saying it’s shipped, you can just forward that email to Packagetrackr and let Packagetrackr add it to your Shipments, track it, and send you delivery and exception notifications.


Fix your connection

Last week’s column had a few troubleshooting tips for getting your computer online. A reader named Austin wrote to remind me of the Network Diagnostic Tool built into all modern versions of Windows.

To run the tool

  • Open Control Panel
  • View as Large icons
  • Click on Troubleshooting | Connect to the Internet | Advanced
  • For best results, check the box for Apply repairs automatically
  • Click on Run as administrator

Follow the prompts to the end of the process, and you might find that your connection has been repaired. If it hasn’t, you will probably gain some insight into where to look for the problem next.

Thanks for the reminder, Austin!

If nothing you’ve tried has helped so far, Windows 10 Anniversary Update provides an easy way to reset your network and start clean. Please note: It’s easy but it’s drastic. It actually does reset your Ethernet network, all your Wi-Fi connections, and forgets all your Wi-Fi passwords. If you have any VPNs, you’ll be setting those up again too. Use this tool as a last resort and make a note of any special settings and of your Wi-Fi password(s) and VPN settings before you do this.

  • Click on Start | Settings | Network & Internet | Status
  • Click on Reset
  • If you’re sure click on Yes

That’s pretty much all there is to it. Wait for the reset to complete, wait for the computer to reboot, and then answer all the network-related questions you answered when you first set up the computer.

Do you have a tip? Do you have a question? Send me email and I’ll share.


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