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Desktop shortcuts in Chrome are more versatile than I thought. It’s super easy to kill Facebook Moments. People can wrap packages in under a minute. Who knew?


How to make a desktop shortcut for a website in Chrome

A customer asked me how to save a web page to her Desktop. She uses the Chrome Browser. “That’s easy!” I said. I opened up her Google Chrome, went to my website, clicked on the icon just to the left of the browser, and dragged out to the desktop. When I released the mouse button, there was the shortcut. (You can do this with any browser in Windows 10.)

Making a mental note to put that in the next column, when I got home I opened up Chrome on my own computer and started making screenshots of the process. It worked perfectly until I noticed that the Desktop shortcut was set up to open in Firefox, which is my default browser. That’s fine with me; I like Firefox better. But it made me wonder if there was a way to create a shortcut that would open in a non-default browser.

Why? More about that in a moment, but yes! It turns out you can do that!

Instead of clicking and dragging out to the Desktop:

  • Go to the page you want to create the shortcut for
  • Click on the Chrome menu (the three dots or bars all the way over on the top right)
  • Click on More tools | Add to Desktop
  • Change the name of the shortcut or leave it the way it is. That’s up to you.
  • Click Add

And that is all there is to it. Now clicking on the shortcut will open the page in Chrome instead of your default browser.

You might want to do this if you often visit a site that doesn’t work well or at all in your default browser. Some banking sites won’t work in Internet Explorer, and you need another browser to do your banking. If you use Chrome, you can go straight to that site in the browser you need.


How to kill off Facebook Moments

I looked at my personal Facebook page the other day, and found I had something called Moments listed down the left side of the page. Somehow I had seven Moments without even knowing what they heck Moments are.

Apparently if you’re in the USA you’ve had Moments for a year and a half. Facebook started rolling out Moments to other countries last year, maybe in reverse alphabetical order since I’m in Canada and it just showed up for me.

Moments is an app for your Android or iOS device. More information here. You can privately share pictures with your Facebook Friends, and why there is something on my Desktop for it I have no idea. One of my Facebook Friends (in the USA) told me how to get rid of it.

  • Right-click on Moments
  • Click on Remove App
  • Click on Remove

It’s gone. If you want it on your phone or tablet, visit the appropriate app store and get it there.


How to wrap a present really fast so it looks like you spent more than 30 seconds on it

Remember that viral video from a couple years ago, where they guy working in a Japanese department store wraps a package in no time at all? It was impressive!

Whether you remember or not, you might like to see how it’s done by someone who reversed engineered the process. Thanks to Bored Panda, both videos are on the same page. Christmas and Hanukkah are both barrelling down on us. Check this out.

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