Everybody makes mistakes, like answering “Yes” when a program asks if you’re sure you want to delete that thing. I can tell you from experience that you can be absolutely sure and at the same time completely wrong! Also, how to fix a mouse with a mind of its own.

Take a Mulligan

I think it’s happened to everyone. You’re cleaning up your stuff and you decide to move a bunch of files and folders from one place to another. Windows asks if you’re sure. You’re really sure! But … it turns out you were really wrong and now your stuff is gone. The first thing to do […]

That was easy!

Gently remove your flash drives, recover your deleted photos, and regain control of your Facebook email notifications. It’s easy when you know how.     Safely remove drives You really should not be yanking those USB drives out when you’re through with them. They want to be safely removed. Why? Because safely removing the drives […]