The Easy Way

Three tips this week to make your computing experience a lot nicer. Open something more than once; quit scrolling through the Windows 10 Start Menu; kill that space-hogging Tools list on the right side of Acrobat Reader. It’s easy when you know how.

Take a Mulligan

I think it’s happened to everyone. You’re cleaning up your stuff and you decide to move a bunch of files and folders from one place to another. Windows asks if you’re sure. You’re really sure! But … it turns out you were really wrong and now your stuff is gone. The first thing to do […]

Fix Facebook

  Everyone has strong feelings about Facebook one way or the other. Either you were dragged kicking and screaming into Facebook by your grandkids, or you can hardly tear yourself away. One thing most people agree on, though, is that Facebook News Feeds look like someone threw spaghetti at the wall to see if it’s […]

What Should I Do?

Mouse not responding! Yahoo hacked! Here’s what to do.   My mouse doesn’t work! What should I do? Everyone has this question at some point. If your mouse is unresponsive try these fixes until you find the one that works. For a wireless mouse: Check that it is turned on. Check that the transceiver is […]