What We Can Do For You

Why call us? Because we come to you!

We bring failing computers back to life, rescue files from virus-ridden hard drives, and fix computers that were working fine till the visitors arrived. Whatever your computer problem, we can help.

Here’s what we do:

Virus/spyware/malicious software removal

We remove the bad things from your PC and show you how to secure your computer to
keep them from coming back.

System set-up and upgrades

We will set up your new system for you, including printers, scanners, cameras and any other peripherals --- from unpacking the boxes to installing the software.
We can install your new software and your software upgrades.

Personalized computer training

We can get you feeling comfortable and confident with your email and your Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, or Firefox.
We can help you with software like MicrosoftWord and Microsoft Excel.
We can show you how to scan and share your photos, and show you how to save that photo your kids emailed to you. And that's just the beginning!

Purchasing advice & support

We can help you sort through the many options that confront the potential PC buyer, and help you decide what is the right decision for you. We will not try to sell you anything, and we are not connected with any hardware of software manufacturer or supplier.

Network help

We can get your computers talking to your printer. We can get your iPod talking to your printer, too!


Would you be sad if you lost the documents, email, taxes, pictures, or other information on your computer? Do you know that regular backups are easy? We will get your backup set up so it just plain works.
Our business is based on trust, and you can trust us to be straightforward in our dealings with you. We won't try to sell you things. In fact, much of the software we
use and recommend is available free-of-charge.

We look Forward to hearing from you!


What our customers say:

Computer Care Kelowna – Operated by a friendly professional.

Cate Eales was referred to us by my cousin in North Vancouver who reads her column each week. We needed a new computer/printer/system and didn’t know where to start. Cate came by, determined our actual needs, and made recommendations helping us to choose wisely. Then, she set up everything including the systems, security and backup along with full operating instructions that WE could understand – AND the numbers where she could be reached in case we encountered any mind-lapses! Her help is reliable, informative, up to date and applies directly to our own system; she is happy to walk us through any questions or will drop by to ensure we ARE on track. Windows 10? No problem! She does the work – my husband and I simply operate the system. Our rating is A+ – and, if you haven’t read her weekly e-mail news column – sign up! All those questions you are ‘afraid’ to ask are answered before you have to!

Monica and John Olesky

Cate at Computer Care Kelowna is the first and only person I call when I need help setting up a new laptop for my business, installing software, creating a backup, or solving a computer predicament. When my cyberphobia escalates to panic mode, Cate is able to skillfully and calmly problem solve and voila! a VERY happy, grateful customer! Then I get to return to doing what I love...teaching hatha yoga and yoga nidra meditation.

Lesley Crowe Owner Blossom Yoga Kelowna

We have been using Cate for all our computer woes for the last six years. Not only has she solved all our problems, big and small, but we have learned as she fixes. Email questions are answered in a very timely fashion and we have never had to wait longer than a day or two for a visit to solve our problems. She has became Computer Guru for numerous family and friends. Highly recommended!

Jennifer & Gary Reece

Because of my work I am quite familiar with most aspects of personal computers. However, I have learned that calling Cate on a regular basis to make sure my PC is running smoothly has saved me countless hours of “figuring things out”. I regularly recommend Computer Care Kelowna to clients and friends who always comment on the courteous, fast and knowledgeable service.

If you need your computer fixed or want to keep it running well, don’t waste your time! Call Cate Eales – I do!

Frithjof Petscheleit BlueBird Business Consulting Kelowna
Frithjof Petscheleit Owner BlueBird Business Consulting

Cate Eales is a patient, professional, responsive, and knowledgeable computer tech support person! I'm so grateful for the time she's spent with me! I feel better educated about my computer/needs, and able to work with much more efficiency and wisdom. Her kindness, humor and willingness to support clients with a variety of computer-related needs and concerns make her a Kelowna treasure. She is an excellent choice for computer tech support services! Thank you, Cate!

Virginia Preston