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This week we have some new information on items from previous columns. Here comes the next gigantic Windows 10 update! That BatteryCare utility startled some readers. And the Date and Time tweak was confusing.


More on Windows 10 Next Big Thing

Reminder: Windows 10 Creators Update is due to roll out starting April 11. I mentioned that here.

You can increase the likelihood of a successful upgrade by preparing for it.

  • Update your drivers from Windows Update or from your computer manufacturer.
  • Update ClassicShell. Get your update here.
  • Back up your files to an external drive or to cloud storage.
  • Clean your computer with a reputable antimalware program.
  • Create a Recovery Disk for your current version of Windows, or locate the one you already created.
  • Completely disable or uninstall your antivirus/antimalware programs when the upgrade is ready to install. If you pay for that program, make a record of your software license before you uninstall it.
  • Make sure your laptop is plugged in.

This upgrade is going to take some time. Don’t say “yes” five minutes before you have to head to class, to work, or to your tax person.


More on that BatteryCare utility

Last week’s column mentioned BatteryCare. I used the portable version on my test machine after checking that version and the installer on VirusTotal. VirusTotal reported it as clean, and none of my protection software complained.

However, I heard from one reader that his antivirus adamantly refused to let him install the program. When I checked VirusTotal again, a few results cautioned that the program could be malicious software.

What happened?

I reached out to the developer, and he responded within the hour:


thank you for your feedback.

The latest version has been flagged by some Anti-Virus software as a false positive. This is due to the fact that the installer contains an advertising module, which presents third party software recommendations, which the user can decide if installs or not.

Remember this is a free software that is being continually developed exclusively by me, and this is a way to support further development and maintenance, so that I can deliver a quality piece of software.

You might want to allow BatteryCare installer to run in your Anti Virus, or you can try to manually download the new version from the website:

If you are still experiencing some trouble, try this download link, which does not contain any advertising module:

Best regards,
Filipe Lourenço
BatteryCare Author

I always recommend declining unwanted components like advertising modules, and I always use VirusTotal to check unfamiliar programs before I download and install them. Visit and follow the prompts.

When I find a program I regard as indispensable, especially one free of advertising, I always recommend donating something to the developer!


More on that Date and Time display tweak

Last week I showed you how to tweak how Windows displays the date and time in the Taskbar. This tweak generated a surprising amount of email. I should have been clearer about a couple of points.

I began with, “Open Control Panel” which was fine for people with Windows 7, but Windows 10 users had some trouble.

The easiest way to open Control Panel in Windows 10 is to right-click on the Start button and then click on Control Panel. (At least for now it is. This may change with the April update to Windows 10.)

If you don’t like right-clicking, this column explains how to add Control Panel with The Ultimate Windows Tweaker . And this column shows how to put a shortcut on your Desktop without installing any software.

Normal icons shows a two-line date. Small icons shows a one-line date.That said, some people could not get the date and time to display in the Long Format. This happens when you use small icons in the Taskbar instead of normal sized ones. With small icons, you only get one line. If you turn off small icons, you’ll get a two-line date/time display, and you’ll see the customizations.

Finally, I did not make it clear that tweaking a Windows setting applies that setting to ALL programs running in Windows. So, when you have a program like Quicken, which needs the Short Date in a particular format, changing that format will rock your Quicken world, as long-time reader Richard pointed out.

Thank you for all the enlightening email, everyone! I am so grateful for your comments and suggestions.


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