Here Comes Santa Claus

Christmas is just about a week away. Yes — It’s our annual Christmas column. Celebrate the season online with us!


Wrap it up

Now that you know where all your packages are, you are probably thinking about wrapping them. This YouTube video of a department store worker in Japan wrapping presents is amazing. If you’d like to see how that’s done without having to go through that video frame by frame, there’s an explanation in this video.

How about some Christmas music in the background as you work? For many years I’ve enjoyed the Christmas channels at Accuradio, and it’s still my favourite place for Christmas music online. This year I’ve also been listening a lot to the Christmas music available via the Spotify web player and on Google Play Music.


You’ll shoot your eye out, kid

What’s your favourite Christmas movie? I love A Christmas Story, based on a story by Jean Shepherd. It’s online! You can watch it for free here. And, you can listen to Jean Shepherd read the original story on his WOR radio show, here.

Are you a little tired of It’s a Wonderful Life? If you’d like to try a different, Christmas-themed classic, The Bishop’s Wife is an excellent choice, and it’s free to watch here.

Cary Grant, David Niven, Loretta Young

David Niven plays the bishop and Cary Grant is the angel. Did you know that originally David Niven was cast as the angel? Learn more about the film here.  While you’re at it, have a look around that highly entertaining Christmas-themed website! The front door is here.

One more free-to-watch classic: How the Grinch Stole Christmas is available here. If you’d prefer the book, you can hear it read here. Or grab a PDF version of the book and read it yourself, here.


Track Santa

NORAD was the original Santa tracker, and it’s still going strong. We used to have to listen for updates on the radio, but now there’s the website, Android and iOS apps, Facebook, and Twitter. There’s pretty much nowhere for Santa to hide.

Google has its own Santa Tracker now, available on the web here. Click on the speaker icon in the lower left corner of that widow to turn off the sound. You’re welcome.

Like the NORAD tracker, Google’s tracker is available though Facebook and Twitter and the usual apps. They also have an extension for Google Chrome and a presence on Google Plus. Both websites have games and puzzles as well as the tracking feature.


“We can look after any dietary needs.”

Be sure to make some time for this classic story from Stuart McLean.


We wish you a Merry Christmas! And a Happy Hanukkah!


Best wishes to you this holiday season, whatever the season you celebrate!


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