Gmail helpers

I love Gmail because it’s easy to access from anywhere there’s an Internet connection. But sometimes browsers and even Windows itself don’t know how to attach a PDF file to Gmail. And if you need frequent access to more than one Gmail account, signing out and in again is an annoyance. I found solutions!

What the heck was that?

I fix computers and clean up computers for a living. I’m used to seeing popups from malicious software and infected web browsers. But this last two weeks has been a wild ride, with rogue popups from legitimate programs. Here’s how to kill the Amazon Assistant and tame the Office update window.

Facebook Tips

June 16, 2017 Are you new to Facebook? Are you an experienced Facebook user? Love it or hate it, Facebook has its quirks. Here are a few tips that will make Facebook better. Or at least less annoying.   How to download Facebook photos Lots of people ask me this. It’s easy once you know […]

Turn Off Microsoft Ads

Years ago, I worked for a long distance phone company. Every month the company sent each of us a copy of the company newsletter, complete with ads for our own company’s long distance service. I found this confusing.

Microsoft must have taken a page from the same book as it sprints toward market domination. I’m using Microsoft Windows 10. Why am I getting ads for Microsoft Windows 10 “features”?

At least we can turn off (most of) the ads.