Smart Upgrades – Part 2

Once your Windows 10 Anniversary Upgrade completes, you’ll notice some changes. And there are some things you probably won’t notice that you should check. Our story so far You did all the preparation we discussed in Part 1 of this series. (Or you ignored the advice and got lucky.) Your system upgraded to the new […]

Happy Anniversary Windows

Smart Upgrades – Part 1

Appeared August 22, 2016 on Windows 10 Anniversary Upgrade is rolling out to computers that already have Windows 10 installed. It will show up in your Windows Updates. One way to upgrade to the new version of Windows 10 is to click that Install Now button, cross your fingers and hope for the best. […]

12 – Second Fixes

Sometimes solutions are complicated, but sometimes we get lucky and fixes are quick and easy. These two are in the latter category. Use them on your own computer, or be a hero and fix your parents’, friends’, and coworkers’ computers. You will rock! Help! My Internet connection drops every 10 minutes! Several weeks ago, a […]

Turn off Shared Updates


Appeared August 1, 2016 on   You just completed a successful upgrade to Windows 10. Congratulations! You should do a few things immediately after your upgrade to make Windows 10 more secure and enjoyable. Sign in with your Microsoft Account We’ve talked about this before. You need a Microsoft Account to take full advantage […]