Calendars Can Coexist

I use Google Calendar for work and play to see where I am supposed to be and what I am supposed to be doing. I like it because I can get to it on any computer and on my Android phone. On a good day, updates populate across all devices within seconds.


Integrate your Google Calendar with Windows 10

Add your Google accountThe only downside to relying heavily on Google Calendar is that I have to leave a browser open all the time. But now Google Calendar can live happily inside the Calendar app in Windows 10. I can view and edit my Calendar without ever opening a browser. And I can view my events without ever opening the Calendar app.

It’s easy to set this up:


  • Click on Start | Calendar to open the Calendar app
  • Click on the Settings/Gear icon | Accounts | Add account | Google
  • Enter your Gmail address and password
  • Click on Sign in
  • Follow the prompts through the Connecting to a service process
  • Click on Accept
  • Give it a minute, and you should see the success dialog
  • Click on Done


You might not want to sync the email

You can turn off the email syncIn setting up the sync between the Calendar app and your Gmail account, you granted access to your Gmail. If you don’t want the Windows 10 Mail app to start collecting your Gmail, you can turn off that part of the sync and the Calendar sync will continue working perfectly.

In the Calendar app:


  • Click on the Settings/Gear icon | Manage Accounts | your Gmail account
  • Click on Change mailbox sync settings
  • Slide Email to Off
  • Click on Done
  • Click on Save

If you don’t want to sync your Contacts from Google move that slider to Off, too.


Get Started

Personalize your calendarOnce you’ve set this up and opened the Calendar app, use the gear icon and the three horizontal lines (Called the “hamburger menu”) to adjust the settings the way you like. You can change everything from the start day of the week to the colour of the events.

You can add calendars, and you can hide calendars. For instance, I only use the Google Calendar, so I removed the check next to the Outlook calendar. When I add events here, I want to be sure they go on the Google Calendar, which is what I use everywhere, and not into the Windows (“Outlook”) calendar, which I don’t use.


See what you’re doing from the Windows Task Bar

Your Agenda in the TaskbarI could open the Calendar app when I want to see where I’m supposed to be or when I want to know what’s coming up, but I don’t have to. Clicking on the time and date in the lower right hand corner of the monitor brings up a nice clock and calendar for every Windows 10 user. Because I’ve integrated my Google Calendar with the Windows 10 Calendar, I can easily see today’s appointments. Clicking on any day will bring up everything scheduled for that day. Awesome.

Happy Thanksgiving to our friends and family here in Canada. We are thankful for your continuing support.




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