Getting Along With Your Computer

by Cate Eales

For Real?

Following up on recent columns: Recognizing Facebook scams and false information; another cool trick with Google Calendar.   Is this for real? Two frequent questions from readers and customers: How do you know if that post on Facebook is true? How do you know if that email you just received that’s supposedly from the Apple […]

That was easy!

Gently remove your flash drives, recover your deleted photos, and regain control of your Facebook email notifications. It’s easy when you know how.     Safely remove drives You really should not be yanking those USB drives out when you’re through with them. They want to be safely removed. Why? Because safely removing the drives […]


Turn off Shared Updates

Appeared August 1, 2016 on   You just completed a successful upgrade to Windows 10. Congratulations! You should do a few things immediately after your upgrade to make Windows 10 more secure and enjoyable. Sign in with your Microsoft Account We’ve talked about this before. You need a Microsoft Account to take full advantage […]

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